shelfie: Bamboo Mask


Part of our remit as a creative design studio, is research. To be inspired, refreshed and well read is vital when approaching new projects.

At our Somerset studio, our bookshelf not only contains our printed material, but also our ever growing collection of weird and wonderful objects, artefacts and inspirations.
Proudly adorned on top of the shelf sits a new favourite of ours. Bought back by Courtney @hello_stone from our time in Vietnam this summer, this bold expression reminds us of the vibrancy of the country and its people.

Sourced in Hanoi, this bamboo mask is a contemporary take on a traditional practise. Bamboo is hand weaved in to a basket form which is coated and painted in a theatrical style, in this case to represent the Lahu people. The colours and patterns carefully designed to honour their traditional dress.