shelfie: River Cafe 30

River Cafe Book Design

Part of our remit as a creative design studio, is research. To be inspired, refreshed and well read is vital when approaching new projects.

At our Somerset studio, our book shelf forms an important part of our daily work life. Boasting a fine selection of books, from literature to to zines to paper stock catalogues, we take inspiration from a different page everyday.


“Both, food and art are about creativity, about pleasure.” Ruth Rogers, River Cafe.

Art and artists have always filled The River Café, where for 30 years the leading lights of West London and beyond have broken bread on the banks of the Thames. With artworks by Peter Doig hanging on the walls and menus doodled on by Damien Hirst, Cy Twombly and Ellsworth Kelly.

When owners Rose and Ruth launched their first book in 1994, it was one of the few not to show food on the cover. River Cafe 30, which celebrates the restaurant's 30th birthday and introduces 30 new recipes, along with 90 from the first book. The cover designed by Michael Nash Associates, uses a font from the artist Josef Albers. The abstract, brightly coloured letters match the restaurant's blue, yellow and pink colour scheme.