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Another Mother is a London based business support company. They service business people, freelancers and small companies that are struggling to find time to do day-to-day work tasks, from your accounts and expenses to enquiries and leads.

Brand Identity development and branding kit, including business card and postcard design.
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Variations of business card design

Variations of business card design





Brand Identity.
Smart, Reliable & Professional.

Another Mother's main focus is to make your work life easier and more manageable, the brand tagline being "Your business is our baby." So, when rebranding Another Mother it was important for the company brand to appear smart, professional and reliable.

Using a combination of clean typography, a conservative yet modern colour palette and graphical icon illustrations, we created a brand image that felt user-friendly, approachable and trustworthy.





A5 Postcard Design - Double Sided Print

A5 Postcard Design - Double Sided Print